Marcia Spoor

Media, PA, US


I got involved in printmaking as an art teacher and I enjoyed teaching children printmaking techniques and helping them express creativity through the print process. I’m a graduate of Hussian School of Art, majored in graphic design, started my professional career working in an advertising art studio, then as a freelance graphic designer before starting my career as a teacher.
My designs are versatile and can be used for fabric, such as baby clothes or dish towels, or on paper products like greeting cards. Every design is part of series, so there are usually at least 5 different designs per theme. I love the use of borders and designing within their confines. I receive inspiration from complex shapes (i.e. animals) and simplifying them graphically.


Maps By Marcia Spoor

Mapping This Moment: House of Quarantine by Marcia Spoor

Media, PA, US


I have been busy doing lots of art work, starting seeds, cooking, sorting through things, redecorating, gardening, face-timing the grandkids and taking class on zoom. Whew!