Lucia Biagi

Torino, To, IT


Lucia Biagi (Pisa, 1980) is a cartoonist, illustrator and she also loves crocheted and embroidered little works.
She is the founder of the selfpublishing label “Amenità Comics” and she runs with her partner the comics shop “Belleville Comics” in Turin where she has her studio.
She had collaborated with Feltrinelli Kids and Sinnos and has just published “Japanize Me”, a comics Japan touristic guide in ebook (Zandegù, 2014).
Vanishing Point (published in Italy by Diabolo Edizioni , 2014) is her second graphic novel after Pets (Kappa Edizioni, 2009).

Maps By Lucia Biagi

Mappa shibuya

Shopping & Fun in Tokyo Shibuya Japan by Lucia Biagi

Torino, To, IT


These are my favorite funny places in Shibuya, where you can find kawaii stuff, stationary, clothes and good books!