Loris Grillet

Geneva, GE, CH


Graphic & Web Designer and Mapmaker from Switzerland.

I've always been fascinated by maps as they are as much informative as they are artistic. My work is analog, digital or a mix of the two.

Maps By Loris Grillet

Isle of Mull, Scotland, UK by Loris Grillet

Geneva, GE, CH


The Isle of Mull was one of our favourite place in Scotland! We spent two days exploring the island and had the time of our lives…

The beautiful town of Tobermory (house to the only whisky distillery on the island) was a favourite! But we also enjoyed smaller less touristic areas such as the Isle of Mull Weavers yarn factory and the lovely Isle of Mull cheese farm…

Ile des Embiez, France by Loris Grillet

Geneva, GE, CH


L'Ile des Embiez is a small island in the South of France, in the Var (83) département.

It's a place I've often visited as a child and that I re-discovered in my mid 20s. This is one of my favourite places on earth, it features beautiful beaches, pine forests, an aquarium presenting local marine life and has it's own vineyards.

This map celebrates l'Ile des Embiez in pure analog medium: paper, ink and watercolour.