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Hi, I'm Greg, also known as Le Cartographiste.
Nice to meet you!

I have been an avid traveller and world adventurer all my life, developing a passion for maps as I discovered new places. So after more than 15 years of experience as an illustrator and designer working for big corporations, it was natural for me to use my graphic background, creativity and passion for map-making into the cartography world.

Maps By Le Cartographiste

My Shoalhaven by Le Cartographiste



This place is special to me because it's one of the most magical place in the world and it has changed my life! I have met people there that have been so inspiring and I've experienced so many great things that it literally influenced the way I live today. I've been living a nomadic life for 6 years now travelling across 4 continents and nowhere else in the world have I seen so many pristine beaches and native wildlife in such a small area. Can you believe there are more than 100 beaches in less than 160km (100miles) of coast?! And how about meeting kangaroos, wombats, cockatoos, dolphins, whales and many more birds and animals almost on a daily basis?! You thought that would be it but you can also see powerful blowholes, impressive waterfalls, visit significant cultural places, eat at great vegetarian cafes, hike in the bush, surf... A friend of mine living in Huskisson one day described it as "living in Paradise"... well I totally agree on that!