Laura Gaddy

Jacksonville , Alabama , US


Laura Gaddy is an emerging illustrator based in the United States. Her past work experience includes news writing and her current professional work allows her to fuse the written word with visual work to promote eco-tourism in her home state of Alabama. She previously covered biodiversity as a print reporter and managed social media pages for the Chief Ladiga Trail, a 33-mile paved path in Jacksonville, Al. These days she is busy pursuing an MFA in visual communication and adventuring with her three-year-old son, Jonah.


  • laurabeth.lj@gmail.com

Maps By Laura Gaddy

Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama by Laura Gaddy

Jacksonville , Alabama , US


This map hits the high points of interest along a 33-mile-paved path through the rural South. This local spot is popular for serious cyclists and for people who want to catch the occasional casual stroll.