Julia Glukhoy

Cresco, Pennsylvania, US


Julia grew up on homesteading land in Kyiv, Ukraine. Her childhood was spent picking raspberries, apples, pears, walnuts, roses, and Irises. She spent her days playing outdoors with her friends, fishing with her grandfather, and making jam with her great grandmother. Eventually, her life path landed her in a small town in Pennsylvania, where she graduated from Marywood University in 2011 with Masters of Science.

After graduating in addition to her day time job she began freelancing professionally and teaching watercolor workshops. It was only a matter of time before her passion for illustration took over.

Today, Julia spends her days illustrating children’s books with a style that is both modern yet classic, evoking playfulness, wonder and joy. All of her illustrations are hand-painted in her favorite mediums: watercolor, gouache, pencils and ink.

Maps By Julia Glukhoy

My Solar Family by Julia Glukhoy

Cresco, Pennsylvania, US


Hand-painted using watercolors, gouache, and ink.