Jo Reimer

Portland, OR, US


beautiful things. My primary interest is collage, arranging and gluing papers to a rigid surface to create a painting. You might say that I paint with paper.

For me, it’s all about process and having fun in the making, so it’s important to me to use papers that I’ve generated by changing the surface of plain white papers.

I paint, print, dye, draw, stamp and stitch on paper using a wide variety of tools and techniques to create unusual and beautiful painted and textured papers. These papers are then torn or cut and arranged to make collage paintings on heavy paper, board, or in books.

I also use the occasional appropriated image, old maps and my own photographs to create abstract works that are highly personal and meaningful.


  • joreimer@comcast.net http://joreimer.com

Maps By Jo Reimer

Bright Line Eating Map by Jo Reimer

Portland, OR, US


This is a map of a process rather than of place, showing the boundaries and tools one uses to lose weight and gain good health using the Bright Line Eating discipline.