Jackie Clark Mancuso

Pacific Palisades, California, US


Jackie Clark Mancuso is a painter and children's book author. She has worked as a book designer, illustrator and art director in book and magazine publishing.

She was inspired to write her first children's book, Paris-Chien: Adventures of an Expat Dog, during a sabbatical in Paris.

"Hudson, an English-speaking Norwich Terrier, is excited to learn that his 'mom,' a human writer, is taking him to live in Paris for a year. But when he gets there, he finds it’s hard to make friends when he doesn’t know the language. His mom enrolls him in a language course—taught by a French poodle—and he’s finally able to converse at the dog park and places around town, like the Algerian market and the Café des Amis, and he doesn’t feel so lonely and out of place anymore." A+, Common Sense Media

Jackie's new book, Hudson in Provence, came out in Spring 2015.
"Before Hudson, the reading, speaking American expat terrier, goes on vacation in Provence, he reads about life there and finds the region is filled with working dogs. When he arrives, he has one show him how to herd sheep, another how to sniff out and dig for truffles, and he even learns to ride a bike to join the Tour de France when it blows through town. Ultimately, he finds the work he likes best is painting outdoors ("en plein air") like Cézanne, Matisse, and Van Gogh. So he paints portraits of his new dog friends, then has an exhibition of those paintings in when he returns home to Paris." A+, Common Sense Media

Maps By Jackie Clark Mancuso

Fuxing Park, Shanghai by Jackie Clark Mancuso

Pacific Palisades, California, US


I came to see and hear the songbirds that men bring to the park for fresh air and to socialize with other birds, and discovered a hidden world of dancing, singing and game playing.

Los Angeles, California Restos by Jackie Clark Mancuso

Pacific Palisades, California, US


Take the 10 to the 405 to the 101 to the 110...