Faaez Fawad Abbasi

Islamabad, Federal Capital, PK


I'm a 13 year old artist from Pakistan. I love to draw, i've been doing art ever since i was a baby and its definitely my passion. Mainly when doing art i begin by sketching out my ideas by hand, then i outline with pointers and micron pens and finish it of by colouring with copic and promarkers, sometimes using colour pencils for bigger art pieces. I also have my own instagram page called artified_with_faaez. follow me to see some more of my work....


Maps By Faaez Fawad Abbasi

Mapping This Moment: The Quest to Survive this Virus by Faaez Fawad Abbasi

Islamabad, Federal Capital, PK


It's set in a video game where you earn points by collecting objects and defeating monsters, and to win you need to reach your virus-free home.