Deepthi Chandra B

Bangalore, Karnataka, IN


I achieve great pleasure in travelling and exploring new destinations.

Being a Landscape Architect and Architect by profession, travelling gives me great ideas while designing, and also understand and appreciate the heritage of a place and its context. And what best way to preserve the memories of the lovely place other than sketching.........


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Maps By Deepthi Chandra B

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India by Deepthi Chandra B

Bangalore, Karnataka, IN


The city of Lucknow is known for its heritage structures, the Nawabi style cuisine, its age old history of rulers reflected in the architecture and local culture and more famously for the polite and polished style of speaking fondly called as the Lucknowi Tehzeeb.

Sri Lanka : The Brief Garden by Deepthi Chandra B

Bangalore, Karnataka, IN


As rightly said : ‘There is no winter in Sri Lanka, only monsoon change the light and mood’. The Brief is a garden full of surprises and paradoxes. One of the best examples of tropical garden, it sits hugging the hilly terrain and appears as a civilized wilderness. The smell of soil after a sudden shower, the walk through framed trails of the Heliconias ,the unexpected arrival of the monitor lizard, , the warbling of the Robin and the pecking of the woodpecker , the in between munching of the local fruits, the colorful Poya festival : memories of Sri Lanka will be eternal.