Cyrena McIlvee

Philadelphia, Pa, US


Hi! My name is Cyrena McIlvee and I am a Senior at Temple University studying Graphic and Interactive Design at the Tyler School of Art. Being a Graphic Designer requires passion. I major in graphic design because I know I have the drive and determination to be a hard working designer that will bring new, astounding designs to the working world.

Maps By Cyrena McIlvee

Philadelphia Running Tour by Cyrena McIlvee

Philadelphia, Pa, US


I chose to create a map from my personal experience of running in Philadelphia. I targeted the most popular and eye-catching places and environments to run through! It was such a fun time creating this map and I hope it inspires people in the Philadelphia area to try out these great trails! Art Direction: Teresa Fry Kasuba; Designer: Cyrena McIlvee; Institution: Tyler School of Art, Temple University