Cynthia Morris

Denver, Colorado, US


Devoted to capturing life on the page in full color, Cynthia Morris loves to illustrate everyday moments in ink and watercolor. Her Writual Blessings deck is a colorful affirmation deck designed to banish writer’s block.

Cynthia illustrated How to Sell Your Art Online: A Guide to Living a Successful Creative Life on Your Own Terms by Cory Huff (Harper Design, June 2016).

Cynthia is the author of several books including the Paris novel Chasing Sylvia Beach and the how-to guide Create Your Writer’s Life.

Since 1999, Cynthia has coached writers, artists and entrepreneurs to make their creative dreams a thrilling reality. Her Capture the Wow creativity workshops are held in the US and Europe and bring the joy of travel to the every day. Cynthia is on the faculty of Jonathan Fields' Good Life Project. Find out more at www.originalimpulse.com

Maps By Cynthia Morris

An Artist in Paris, France by Cynthia Morris

Denver, Colorado, US


What if your artist led the way on trips to Paris or anywhere else? Here's a map of what my artist likes to do and see in Paris. Enjoy traveling to Paris with my artist's suggestions!