Cynthia Jacquette

Los Angeles, California, US


I’m an illustrator and surface pattern designer living in Los Angeles. My influences include the California landscape, urban signage, gothic architecture, pop art, 80s’ pop culture, sci-fi films, and maps of all kinds.

Maps By Cynthia Jacquette

A Night Out On The Sunset Strip by Cynthia Jacquette

Los Angeles, California, US


This place is special to me because when I moved to LA in my 20s, going to “The Strip” was the ultimate night out. Not only did I get to see tons of amazing bands here, but the vibe of the area holds a unique electricity. Despite Los Angeles’ characteristic sprawl, this area has much to love for any rocker in a concentrated place. A fun night out on the Sunset Strip consisted of going to the Rainbow Room for pizza and pre-show drinks—where you might have a rock-celebrity sighting—then going off to a show at the Roxy or the Viper Room. After a night of dancing, drinking, and meeting kindred music souls, you could go grab a hot dog at the famous Carney’s. For any music lover living in or visiting Los Angeles, the Sunset Strip is a must-see place!