Connor Gordon

Savage, MN, US


I am an Illustrator who focuses on combining both traditional and digital practices in order to create an interesting hybrid between them. I generally use sumii inks in order to create ink blots that I then scan into the computer and manipulate via Adobe Photoshop by changing color properties, reflecting, subtracting, and adding elements to further create something that still retains the tangibility of traditional media. I am very interested in the way people think and derive meaning from art and the world around them, and connect what I make to Rorschach tests that were used in psychological evaluations in order to gain insight into people’s thoughts and emotions. Outside of my fine art illustrations, I also am a corporate illustrator and have worked for companies in the apparel industry on the manufacturing end. In this realm of my practice, I make much more refined line art designs and graphics that either are relevant to the company apparel requests or I am given free rein to make designs that relate to company branding on a much more loose basis.


  • cgordon497@yahoo.com

Maps By Connor Gordon

The Western Front by Connor Gordon

Savage, MN, US


Map of the front lines during WWI and the surrounding area