Cata Adelgoss-Mejia

Nürnberg, Bayern, DE


I am Catalina Adelgoss, a Colombian living in Germany. Two years ago I packed my bags and moved overseas. While living in Colombia I used to teach illustration at one of the most prominent Universities in Medellin, simultaneously I had my own business consisting of personalised illustrations and events for children. This was incredibly rewarding and filled me up with joy since I was able to make children's wishes come true by designing, illustrating and managing production for 5 succesful years.
Now I want to dedicate myself to what I really love. I want to create illustrations for children and food. My experience is 100% focused on clients wishes and my unlimited passion for design and making new ideas come to life makes the difference.

Maps By Cata Adelgoss-Mejia

My World by Cata Adelgoss-Mejia

Nürnberg, Bayern, DE


in times of COVID19, I want to be in a world without internet, to not read so much worrying news, I want to go back to the essence, to the basics. I want health for everyone, love and I want to return to the best memories of my childhood, where I was very happy. I want to be in a world where I can enjoy my grandfather, who left this world 27 years ago and I miss him.