Istanbul / Bodrum, TR


Hi, I'm Cansu from Istanbul.
I used to be a nerdy user experience designer until I gave up wireframes to pursue illustration and painting. For the past four years I have been training in scientific botanical illustration, as well as creating character illustrations for children's books. I like to combine traditional and digital mediums, this is the reason my style is inspired by flat minimal designs as well as watercolors and inks.
I love traveling, eating, cooking, sailing and gaming.

Maps By cansutastan

A Getaway from the City to Büyükada, Istanbul by cansutastan

Istanbul / Bodrum, TR


This place is special to me because, it is the small, charming part of the city I like to escape to. As a kid, I practiced my bike riding skills here, in my teen years I used to visit the beaches and the parks with friends, as an artist I still like to take inspiration from the buildings and streets. I enjoy the sights, history and multicultural elements. The Istanbul Biennale usually takes place on locations listed here on the map. Sometimes I like to sail here or just take the ferry for 30 minutes to enjoy some fresh seafood. There are many things to explore and enjoy when you visit the Büyükada in Istanbul.