Anna Ducos

Sauternes, FR


Hello, I'm an artist and designer living in the Southwest of France, where we are surrounded by beautiful vineyards and incredible wine and food. I love classic design rich in colour and fine detail, working with patterns, and any kind of illustration work that is targeted for children. I also teach art to kids.

Maps By Anna Ducos

Sweet Sauternes by Anna Ducos

Sauternes, FR


This place is special to me because I now call it home. Two years ago we moved from the city of Bordeaux, to this golden sweet wine producing region of France where the fall morning mist causes the grapes to have “noble rot”, creating a high concentration of sugar in the grapes before they’re picked and made into wine. The landscapes are beautiful here. Sauternes is home to Chateau Yquem, a wine so special, that it’s the only Premier Grand Cru classé “Superior” in the world.