San Jose, California, US


Greetings visitors!

My name is Anh Le and I am a college student based in San Jose. I am majoring in the art of filmmaking.

I have a strong passion for music, writing, photography, film, and arts and crafts. I practice writing so that I could pitch a film story in a great film company someday!

I value in the orphans of Vietnam. I believe that every child deserves good education and resource to make their biggest dreams come true. Nothing makes me happier than helping people out and pursuing my passions!

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Home is Where the Heart is: Ottawa, Canada by Anhimation

San Jose, California, US


When it comes to describing my special place, it would be Ottawa, Canada, because that is where my grandmother lives. Like the bear in this picture, my grandmother is where my home is. She brings lots of joy, love, and beauty to the family.