Alexis Amann

El Cerrito, CA, US


Alexis Amann is a Bay-Area based artist & illustrator whose work contains layers of narrative populated by women, fish, sentient houses, witches, rabbits, boats, turnips, demons, harpies, and other real and magical flora & fauna. Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Las Vegas, New York, and the Pacific Northwest. Alexis received her BA from Portland State University and her MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. She tries to draw every day.

Maps By Alexis Amann

Detroit Visual Arts by Alexis Amann

El Cerrito, CA, US


I visited Detroit this summer for the ICON 10 illustration conference and had a chance to learn about SO many cool and unique places in the visual art community. This map doesn't include everything by a long shot, but is some of the "greatest hits" of my trip -- places that are truly unique to Detroit and make it a very special place for art.