Cynthia Frenette

Mission, BC, CA


I'm a Canadian licensed textile designer, illustrator, artist and designer.
My favorite thing to cook is mac n' cheese homemade style!
Addicted to jellybeans and Instagramming, love my hubby, dogs, shoes, sewing, and drawing.

Maps By Cynthia Frenette

Let's go to the beach in White Rock, BC by Cynthia Frenette

Mission, BC, CA


This place is special to me because I grew up there, and have many fun memories of riding my bike down the crazy steep hills to the beach, and walking on the pier, the Sandcastle competitions, and the smell of the ocean. This little seaside town has changed a LOT since I lived there, but my favorite places remain the same. The museum was originally a train station, and trains still come along the rails along the beach. There's a little bit of Surrey snuck in there too, since they have an off-leash doggy beach that my dogs adore!