Дилян Бакалски

Stara Zagora, Roe Forest mountain , BG


Dilyan Bakalski
I’m working on the thin electric green line between art and science. Experimentalize with four dimensional form of arts, like video art, interactive installation and performance. Relaxing in illustrations and fine art.

circulum vitae
1983 – Born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

1997-2002 – „Design“ Art School „Academic D. Uzunov „, Kazanlak, BG

2005-2010 -BA „Visual communication and graphic design“, University „St. Cyril and Methodius“ Faculty of Fine Arts, Veliko Tarnovo, BG

2011 – 2013 – MA „Digital Arts“, „National Academy of Arts“ Sofia, BG

Participation and Exhibitions:
2003 – Participation in the International Youth Exhibition „Small Graphics“ – Pleven, Sofia
2004 – 2009 – Annual participation in the „Autumn Salon“ – Stara Zagora
2005 – Participation in the Symposium „Ksilifor“ – Veliko Tarnovo
2005 – 2011 – Annual participation in „Youth Exhibition“ the Foundation „Plamak“ Stara Zagora, Radnevo
2006 – I-st prize for collective creativity „Annual Student Exhibition“ – Veliko Tarnovo
2006 – nowdays – „*.PDFAZING“ – Online magazine for modern underground artists
2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 – „Biennial of Humour and Satire“ – Gabrovo
2009 – Participation in „Night of Museums and Galleries“ – Stara Zagora /Video instalation „“ENS ENTIUM”„/
2012 – Participation in „Chess with the pawn“ – Sofia Perfotmance „TV“
2012 – Participation in „Vkluchi grada“ – Burgas /Video Art workshop mentor/
2012 – Participation in „Night of Museums and Galleries“ – Sofia Video instalation „REPLACE“
2012 – Video for „Zoom In“ – Perfotmance Burgas, Varna, Sofia /Video Editor/
2012 – Participation in „We All Are Mad“ – Sofia /interactive installation/
2012 – „5 sences“ – Ineractve Video Instalation – Uzana (coauthor with Hristina Chaneva, Pavel Olegov and Marina Stoyanova)
2012 – Participation in Magmart videoart festival – Italy
2013 – Video for Ruth Koleva “Slow Fire” /2-nd camera/
2013 – First prize in Biennial of Humour and Satire” – Planeta Gabrovo Contest
2013 – Performance „Work In Progress“ with Nora Karalambeva, – Workshop „Zeitraffer / Time-lapse“, Sofia
2013 – First solo exhibition „Generative drawings“ – Bayer, Stara Zagora /Drawing machines/
2013 – Curating exhibition/mini-fest for digital/media arts – “042 Fest”, Stara Zagora
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  • Didakius@gmail.com

Maps By Дилян Бакалски

European Mountain Path E4 - Hemus Central by Дилян Бакалски

Stara Zagora, Roe Forest mountain , BG


The map shows the central part of Hemus Mountain over The Rose Valley - Valley of Ancient thracian heroes. Shows Historical monuments as megaliths, fortress, mounds and sacred places, mineral baths near, rivers, villages, forests and roads there, and rock clmbing objects.