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Outer Space Awesomeness!

This summer 170+ people submitted OUTER SPACE illustrations. 100 favorites will be published in the next TDAT Book. Stay tuned!

See the entries!

16 Hand-made Fonts!

Buy Salli & Nate's entire collection of 16 hand-drawn fonts for only $32. That's 2 bucks per font. Total bargain! (For personal and commercial use, but not for re-sale).

See samples of all the fonts on the TDAC Shop.

Illustrators For Hire

Announcing Illustrators For Hire: a global list of freelance illustrators presented by Salli & Nate, co-founders of this site and sibling site They Draw & Cook!

Check out Illustrators For Hire!
You'll like what you see!

INKtober with TDAT!

Inktober is here! Here is your list of daily drawing prompts. For each day of the month, draw an icon that you think best represents each city (food? a building? a flag? an animal? a person? whatever!) 

Tag your illos #inktoberwithtdat and we'll feature as many as we can!