Click here to view all the eligible entries! Winners will be announced on Tuesday!

• 1 Grand Prize Winner will receive $500 compliments of GreatBigCanvas!
• 5 Runner-Up Winners will receive a canvas print from GreatBigCanvas (valued at $110 each)!
• 3 Runner-Up Winners will receive a prize package of pens from Pentel of America (valued at $150 each)!

For this contest a winning map will be a super pretty illustration focusing on all the special and specific things you love most about your favorite place. Think about it this way: if your best friend was coming to visit you, what things would you two do together? Or, maybe you would go on a great little road-trip to someplace you love. Sure, there might be a couple 'touristy' activities on your agenda, but you would probably also visit many places that are off-the-beaten-path and not found in a typical guidebook, right? You don't need to include specific addresses, but enough information so someone might want to print this map out and take it with them as a reminder of all the great things to do! 

Click here to see just a few maps from the current TDAT collection that we think are really good examples!

• Your map must follow the simple TDAT size and format guidelines (read the sidebar on our Submit a Map page)
• Previously submitted maps are not eligible for this contest, but all maps submitted from January 20 to the contest deadline are eligible
• We reserve the right to reject submissions (we want to ensure that when people visit TDAT, they always see good stuff!)
• All maps must be submitted via our Submit a Map page (yes, you may enter more than 1 map!)
Deadline is 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, February 10, 2012

• Thank you GreatBigCanvas for contributing the $500 Grand Prize. Here is what $500 looks like:
• Thank you, again, GreatBigCanvas for contributing the 5 canvases. They are 36" x 13" and valued at $110 each. Here is what a printed canvas looks like:
• Thank you Pentel of America for contributing the 3 prize packets of pens! They are valued at $150 each. Here is what a prize packet of pens looks like:

Special thanks to artist Jennifer Reynolds from Portland, OR whose map of Hidden Golden Gate Park inspired the theme and was used in the logo of this contest. Click the image to see a larger version (and leave Jennifer a lovely comment!).