We love the award-winning UPPERCASE magazine. It’s smart, brilliantly curated, and full of inspiration and amazement.

And...the best part...Janine Vangool, the publisher/editor/designer of UPPERCASE, wants to feature a TDAT Artist in an upcoming issue! Being featured in UPPERCASE magazine will expose your work to an engaged and active readership of art and design buyers, potential clients, collaborators and consumers. Yay!

So, we're hosting a contest and the theme is:


Submissions (deadline was April 20, 2014): Click here to see who entered this contest!

Winners: Winners will be announced on April 23, 2014 on the TDAT Facebook page.

Your Challenge:
Draw a map of the creative and curious places and sights in the vicinity of where you live or where you grew up. What are the quirky or unusual things that make it so inspiring?

The Prizes:
• The winner will be interviewed for a profile in a future issue of UPPERCASE, receive a 1-year subscription and a copy of Work/Life 3
• 2 runner-ups will receive a 1-year subscription and a copy of Work/Life 3
• 2 more runner-ups will receive a copy of Nate & Salli's new book, Make Map Art: Creatively Illustrate Your World by Chronicle Books
• A selection of the best submissions will be posted to UPPERCASE's blog

The Guidelines:
• Anyone worldwide, 18 years or older, can play along
• Artwork must be original
• Files must be submitted via our Submit A Map page and conform to TDAT size standards as specified on that page
• Submissions must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, April 20, 2014
• TDAT reserves the right to limit submissions to those of sufficient quality to ensure they are suitable
• Multiple submissions are allowed

The Judging Criteria:
Nate, Salli and Janine will consider all submissions, as defined below, based and weighted equally on the following criteria:
Concept (does the illustration portray an actual and physical place?)
Technique (does the illustration style appear well-executed, either digitally or by-hand?)
Typography (does the type or hand-lettering look smartly placed, legible and interesting?)
Layout (does the organization of information appear creative, dynamic and still logical?)
Inspiration (does the illustration give you a sense of place and pique your interest?)