Festival Map of Sapporo, Japan by Deborah Davidson

Festival Map of Sapporo, Japan
Title: Festival Map of Sapporo, Japan
Starting Point: Sapporo TV Tower, Odori 1-chome, Sapporo, Japan
Artist: Deborah Davidson
From: Sapporo, Japan
Website: http://etegamibydosankodebbie.blogspot.com
Twitter: @dosankodebbie
Footnote: Sapporo's festivals draw tourists from all over the world in huge numbers-- like 2 million for the Snow Festival, and almost that many for the Yosakoi Soran Festival. Then there are festivals that are cherished mainly by the locals, such as the Hokkaido Shrine Festival, and festivals specific to the Ainu, northern Japan's indigenous people. There are more festivals than can fit on the map. You'll just HAVE to come and see for yourself!!
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